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Jaime G

I have been able to learn and grow throughout this process and I now have regular clients that I truly enjoy working with. Writing for Contentfly barely feels like work and I can now say, I love my job!

Raisa M

I have been a content writer with Contentfly for almost two years, and my experience has been nothing but great! They quickly resolve any questions or concerns, and are very prompt with payments.

Jennifer G

ContentFly has been one of the most humble, inclusive, and fun content writing experiences I've had. The work is flexible, and 99% of clients are great.

Dale N

I've enjoyed my experience because I get to write for a diverse range of clients and get paid a viable rate. The support team is highly responsive and flexible. They've only empowered me to perform TONS of work and expand my knowledge-base and skillset as a writer.

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What does the process of writing for Contentfly look like?

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Once accepted to our platform, you'll get a dashboard that displays all the content requests that might be relevant to you (along with briefs that explain what the client is aiming for).

Then, you simply claim the content you're interested in writing, and deliver it by the due date and hour.

If clients really liked your work, they can pick you as a favorite and you'll get consistent, regular work from them.

Sometimes, you'll get a revision request. This is mostly for minor touch-ups.

What are your rates, and how do writers get paid?

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Our rates depend on the content type. Rates for writing range from USD 0.05 to USD 0.30 per word depending on your experience. You'd invoice us weekly for all the work you've done. We process payments through PaymentRails and send amounts owed as a direct bank deposit within two business days of invoicing.

How is Contentfly different from other writing platforms and agencies?

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We provide a convenient way for you, as a writer, to just write and let us think about everything else:
- Pick from a variety of topics
- No minimum claim quotas
- No need to submit proposals
- No waiting for client approval to get paid
- In-app communication with the client if you need more details

And more!

What kind of work can I expect to get on Contentfly?

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Our clients look for all kinds of content across industries, but primarily:
- SEO blog posts
- Landing page copy
- Social media posts
- Guides and whitepapers

While we do have some veritable Renaissance writers, you can simply claim the jobs that fit your area of expertise.

What do I need to be accepted to Contentfly's writing team?

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In order to join our team of writers, you need a portfolio with your best samples, and a commitment to quality. Our writers produce original content which includes research.

As a Contentfly writer, you should be:
- In active war with passive voice
- Capable of proofreading and editing your own work
- Comfortable interpreting briefs and adhering to clients' guidelines
- Capable of turning complex topics into easily understandable articles

How do you evaluate writer performance?

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We use a ratings system to evaluate the performance of every Contentfly writer. We assign different ratings to writers based on:
- Quality
- Timeliness
- Client ratings
- Brief adherence

The best way to succeed at Contentfly is to produce great content, and deliver it by the deadline. You can always request to see your rating, or ask our team to give you feedback.