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Request content for your clients in under 5 minutes.


Unlimited clients

Onboard as many clients as you'd like on the platform. No extra fees or surprise charges.

Flexible plans

Subscribe and choose a unique plan for each client's monthly content needs - or use a single subscription for all of them!

Separated billing

Pay for each client using their own payment method and have separate invoices generated.


Zapier and API endpoints allow you to integrate ContentFly with your marketing stack.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Contentfly's Agency dashboard allows you to send requests on behalf of clients from a single dashboard and have content completed by our world class writers.

Built to make your workflow easy and effortless, you can add clients and subscribe them to individual plans for their required monthly content needs with the ability to use separate payment methods if needed and have separate invoices generated for each client.

How much does it cost?

Each individual client can be added and subscribed based on our regular subscription plans available here:

For example, if you're an Agency with three clients and each client has the following content needs:

- Client A: 4,000 words per month
- Client B: 12,000 words per month
- Client C: 4,000 words per month

Client A billed at $375/mo, Client B billed at $1125/mo, Client C billed at $375/mo

Total monthly cost = $375 + $1125 + $375 = $1875/mo

Can I white label this and let my clients log in directly to request their content?

The Agency plan isn't a white labelled solution and only exists to help you manage your client's content pipeline better. You would still need to request content on their behalf but any content created is 100% ghostwritten and doesn't require attribution.

How does a free trial work in this scenario?

Each client subscription you create comes with its own standard 4000 word money-back guarantee trial for the first billing period of that client subscription.

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