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In 1996, Bill Gates penned an essay titled "Content is King". He believed the future of commerce would start and end with content creation.

Today, that future is here. Whether it's blog posts, email templates, infographics, landing pages - every business on Earth needs to create content to grow their business.

The technology stack and resources to create content at scale is non existent. At every organization we encountered a hodgepodge of people, tools, and processes with many hours spent trying to orchestrate the planning and creation of content. Efficiency was non existent. No one was happy. Great content never made it out the door fast enough.

We're building the content infrastructure that companies leverage to build, scale, and optimize their revenue engines.


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Leadership Team
Naeem Ahmed

Naeem Ahmed

Co-Founder, CEO
John Thomas

John Thomas

Co-Founder, COO
Vasil Damyanov

Vasil Damyanov

Hermon Tesfaghebriel

Sumeet Ganju

VP of Product
Hermon Tesfaghebriel

Mohit Kukreja

VP of Engineering

Tara Shelley

Head of People
Taimour Azizuddin

Sarah Clowes-Walker

Head of Customer Experience
Hermon Tesfaghebriel

Jay Tan

Head of Analytics
Chad Birdsall

Chad Birdsall

Director, Marketplace Operations
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