Content may be king but finding the time to create content, while running a kingdom aka a business can present a challenge.

Small business owners are inundated with responsibilities - managing financials, making customers happy, leading company direction, training employees, and countless other projects. Not only are entrepreneurs responsible for the day-to-day operations, they’re tasked with growing the company and bringing in new business. There’s no shortage of things to do when running an entire company.

There are only 168 hours in a week and the average small business owner spends 54 hours of them working. That leaves a small amount of time to cross everything off the list. Small business owners want to test out strategies, follow best practices, and drive more growth for their venture but they don’t have the time.

One of those most proven growth strategies is content marketing. Content marketing has taken off in recent years because it’s had tremendous impact with growing brands digitally. This is no secret. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 74% of B2C companies have adopted content marketing into their strategies. While there are many adopters, not everyone is seeing success because they aren’t creating the most original, creative, and fresh content.

Fresh content is the secret sauce to being successful with SEO and appearing among the top ranks in Google search. Back in the early 2000s, the Google engineering team filed a patent named Information retrieval based on historical data. This forever changed the SEO world, unveiling the criticalness of having fresh content. The algorithm favors the new. To rise to the top and be successful in organic search, businesses must be constantly producing new content. This is where small business owners fall short.

Owning a small business doesn’t allow for time to be creating the latest and greatest content. Decisions about time have to be made wisely and sometimes that means executing all marketing best practices can’t happen. Unless, they can. Here are some growth hacks can help to propel a small business forward using minimal effort and time:

Refresh existing content

The publish date on content isn’t the only factor taken into the freshness ranking. According to Moz, search engines score regularly updated content for freshness differently from content that doesn’t change. Instead of releasing an entirely new blog post, editing an older piece can be valuable as well and aide in the overall goal of rising up the search ranks. Just ensure that large changes are being made in order for posts to be marked as fresh.

Accept guest posts

Don’t write everything. There are plenty of amazing writers out there who might be willing to write for a blog to get exposure to a new network. Many of them will contribute to a blog in exchange for a backlink to their own website. While this won’t necessarily have a direct impact on a small business’s growth, it adds steps in the march to get there. However, it does come with its downfalls. Allowing guest posts can decrease the quality of a business’s blog and may affect how a brand is perceived. This takes work to monitor closely and ensure everything is always on brand and never too salesy.

Outsource content creation

Get time back and let someone else do the heavy lifting. There are incredible tools out there like ContentFly that offers subscription based content outsourcing to small businesses. They match owners with amazing writers, who tailor every post to a company’s specific needs. This service is inexpensive and the best bet for small business owners. Over any method, this seems to be most successful for driving growth, while saving time.

Outsourcing content can be overwhelming for small business owners to consider. After all, small business owners have built everything from the ground up. Their business is their baby and sometimes letting someone else hold the baby or help it along can be frightening at first. Here are several ways how small business owners can give up control to help their business, while creating exceptional content:

#1 Outsource eCommerce Product Description Writing

When managing an online store, there’s a great deal of maintenance - running promotions, uploading new store products, shipping out the products - and that’s only the management of the store. A great way to offload time is to outsource the store’s product descriptions.

  • Supply writers with an image, the product name, and a couple of details on who the ideal customer would be and writers can do the rest. This could save a business massive amounts of time.

#2 Outsource Personal Linkedin Post Writing

Startup founders need to be maintaining an exceptional online presence because many deals and new investments arising with startup founders are made on Linkedin. Positioning themselves as thought leaders and managing their personal brand can be challenging when trying to also be the leader of an entirely different brand. To save time and achieve thought leader status, entrepreneurs can outsource a weekly Linkedin post to a talented content writer.

  • It’s simple to bullet point a couple of thoughts, articles, goals, and let the writer do the rest. Perfecting a Linkedin post can take hours that could be dedicated to propelling the business forward at such a critical stage.
man sitting on gray arm chair using silver laptop computer on building balcony at daytime

#3 Outsource White Papers

White Papers can have a significant impact, especially in the SaaS and services industries. They can help convert website visitors to become customers, after seeing real success stories. These can take time to build out, not to mention excellent storytelling skills to take readers on a journey. Instead of dedicating time to write an 8-page white paper about one customer’s success, a business owner could be onto building the next success story.

  • Give the writer a couple details and statistics - they’ll do the rest!

#4 Outsource Blog Posts

There are millions of blog posts being released every single day and there are only so many readers. Every post is fighting for attention. Blog posts must be valuable and top notch to stand out. Writing an incredible post can take a lot of time - time a business owner can be dedicating elsewhere. Outsourcing blog posts to writers can do phenomenal things for a small business. On average, it takes people 3 hours and 16 minutes to write a blog post of about 1,000 words. That’s 3 hours a business owner could have been serving customers, developing new products, or training employees.

  • Sign up for ContentFly, give details about your business and the industry and what kind of content you want to publish in your blog - you'll get the finished articles in 36 hours.

#5 Outsource Video Script Writing

Video is an incredible form of content that all social platforms algorithms favor. This is not a trend to ignore. At first, It may seem easy to create video content but it can be incredibly challenging. From developing a concept to writing a script to filming to editing, the process is time intensive and can drag on for forever. Don’t let it. Cut out a step and outsource the script. Video scripts can be challenging to write, so let an expert do it.

  • Give details on the video goals, feelings, and production level - the writer will work their magic.
Time is the greatest and most expensive asset when running a business.

Small business owners must let go some of what they’ve always done in order to get to the next level. One easy way is cutting out one of the most time consuming tasks - writing. Use this as a growth hack to get time back and get to the next level.