Reviews are vital drivers when it comes to the success of a new business. Both positive and negative reviews are heavily impactful, either attracting or deterring potential customers. Even further, reviews provide powerful insight into the user experience and sentiment, general functionality, and the desire for additional features.

You can utilize competitor reviews in the process known as review mining to help develop a stronger message for your business that is more focused on your target market. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning how to improve your messaging by using review mining.

What is review mining?

Review mining, also known as app store review analysis, is a process in which you dive deep into competitor reviews to find data to help you boost your company’s overall quality and visibility. Using review mining is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging user reviews and feedback.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the stats from a study conducted by FAN & FUEL Digital Marketing Group on the power of reviews:

  • 97% of people say customer reviews factor into purchasing decisions
  • 92% of people are hesitant to make purchases if there are no customer reviews
  • 94% of people will read reviews when they are available

There’s no denying the power of user reviews and feedback towards a company, but how can mining competitor reviews be valuable to you?

Benefits of review mining

While review mining was once considered an optional tactic, with so many new companies publish apps regularly, it’s becoming a necessity for the success of any business. Best of all, you can mine reviews completely free of cost if you’re willing to put the time into it yourself.

Here are just a few of the incredible benefits of review mining:

  • Obtain valuable feedback and unsolicited opinions from your target market
  • Discover new features your market is looking for but has not yet been made available
  • Uncover new ASO keywords
  • Determine which of your components are unnecessary and which you need to develop further
  • Eliminate pesky bugs in your app
  • Figure out how to leave your competition in the dust
  • Get inspired and find new marketing concepts

How to mine reviews?

There are two basic ways to mine reviews: manual data mining or using data mining tools. Ultimately, choosing between the two methods will depend on the amount of money, time, and effort you are interested in investing into this project.

Manual Data Mining

The first method of review mining is entirely free and is available to anyone in the world. As good as this might sound, it’s important to note that this process can become very time-consuming.

Some of the best places to conduct manual data mining include:

  • iTunes or Google Play
  • Amazon
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp

Manual data mining is one method to mine reviews for marketers on a tight budget looking to reap the benefits of review analysis.

The best way to stay organized when mining reviews manually is by creating a spreadsheet tracker for your reviews. Programs like Google Sheets, Microsoft Access, or OpenOffice are great options to help you with this process.

Depending on your data source, you might be able to copy/paste reviews directly into your spreadsheet. Others, such as iTunes, which is only available from the mobile app, make this a bit more challenging. To get the reviews onto your spreadsheet, you will have to type them out manually. Another option is to outsource the work by hiring someone through UpWork or something similar.

Use Data Mining Tools

As review mining continues to grow, so does the market for data mining tools. For anyone who cannot commit the time and energy into manually mining reviews themselves, these tools are an excellent option to get things done quickly and efficiently. The one downside is that there are costs associated with data mining tools.

Some of the top data mining tools available for customer reviews include:

  • Mobile Action
  • App Annie Intelligence
  • AppTweak
  • ASOdesk
  • Adjust
  • Sensor Tower

Typically, once you sign up with one of these data mining tools, you will search for competitors and add them to watchlists. With access to endless information, these tools help you to be able to start your data analysis nearly immediately.

To help find your message and produce stickier copywriting, review mining is your ultimate tool. Thankfully, you can complete without any fees or, if you’re not willing to compromise your time, you can pay somebody to do it for you.

Understanding the simplicity behind the process along with all of the potential benefits to your business, it’s now up to you to get started. Now that you know how to improve your message using review mining, what are you waiting for?