Business owners in the digital age have more options than ever before when it comes to marketing. There are so many channels available for reaching potential customers that keeping up with them all can be overwhelming at times. Though the rules of internet marketing have changed many times over the years, one thing remains the same: Content marketing is still the most effective and important type of marketing for every business.

On the surface, content marketing couldn’t be more simple. All a business needs to do is consistently produce and publish high quality, relevant content. This sounds easy enough, but constantly researching and writing content is time consuming. When added to the other responsibilities business owners face, it seems nearly impossible to keep up with the demands of content marketing and still run the day-to-day operations of the business. The solution for any business is to outsource web content writing to a professional writer.

There are several options available to businesses who want to buy original web content. They can commission articles to be written for them, hire writers to work in house, or buy articles from an online marketplace. Each option has benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account when deciding on the best way to outsource web content writing. The three popular content services featured below each offer a different way to purchase content. Read on to learn the pros and cons of each.


Contentfly provides a cost effective way to buy original web content with their simple pricing structure starting at 4,000 words. The word count can be used to purchase one long ebook or case study, or it can be split up over several smaller articles or blog posts. Custom subscription packages are available for businesses that require more content, and there is no long-term contract required.

Contentfly’s pool of carefully vetted, professional writers are available to write fresh content on demand, and by leveraging the economies of scale, Contentfly can provide the highest quality writing at a reduced rate. Writers are happy because they are guaranteed a steady source of income, and business owners are happy because they can easily buy articles while reducing costs. Since Contentfly has already done the work of finding the writers, all business owners need to do is provide the details for the content they need and the project will be assigned to the most qualified writer. Research, SEO optimization, revisions, and royalty free images are part of the service, so there is nothing left for business owners to do but hit publish.


UpWork is a popular job board aimed at freelancers. Business owners can post the details of the work they need done, including a budget and timeline, and writers submit proposals to bid for the work. Business owners view the proposals, interview candidates, and choose the professionals they want to work with. Rates are set by the writer and negotiated during the interview process.

UpWork is a great way to outsource web content writing for businesses that need the same writer to produce all their content and have wiggle room in the budget to pay the high rates of a competitive marketplace. Since business owners are taking the time to personally vet all the available writers, they are sure to find one they want to work with long-term.

Constant Content

Constant Content provides an online marketplace to buy articles that have been pre-written and placed in the marketplace by writers. It is a fast and convenient service for businesses that don’t require specifically tailored content since articles can be purchased and downloaded immediately. Reviews show that this buying method is sometimes risky since articles are purchased based only on a small preview and most aspects of quality control are the responsibility of the buyer.

Businesses that prefer to buy original web content written specifically for them have the option to choose a writer from the database and commission the article directly. When using this option, rates are negotiated between the writer and business owner. Constant Content will oversee some aspects of quality control and take a percentage of the purchase price.