Tanel Maandi, the co-founder of Videolind shares his experience with content marketing and talks about how they use ContentFly to produce new content for their blog.

Using ContentFly to outsource blog posts

What problem are you trying to solve with ContentFly?

We wanted to create an HR blog for our present and future clients to increase traffic to our website.

What's the biggest benefit of using ContentFly?

It takes the pain out of finding freelance writers online. You provide the brief and ContentFly provides you with writings. Super straightforward and easy.

What's your content marketing workflow like?

First, we order blog posts through ContentFly (we have mainly ordered 1000-word HR related blog posts). Then we publish the posts on our website and promote them on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook to attract new readers/leads.

It has brought new audiences to our website who would have otherwise ignored us.

Lessons and thoughts about content marketing

Videolind blog

How do you see content marketing?

It is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field of expertise. Trust for a brand is not built in a day, to get results you need to consistently provide content that is useful for the reader.

Biggest lesson?

Do not expect fast results. It takes time, sometimes years to start generating new leads for your business.

Biggest struggle?

Finding topics and titles that would engage our target audience.

What would you recommend for small businesses that are just starting with content marketing?

Take time to get to know your audience/clients. Nothing beats having a one-on-one discussion with your clients to get to know their interests.

“What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.” Jason Fried

Videolind: video recruitment software for large HR teams

Videolind solves a specific recruitment related problem for HR teams that have large recruitment capacities. Average recruitment time is 42 days, we can bring it to 5 days with the help of video questionnaires.

The system works in 4 steps. The recruiter composes text-based questions in the Videolind system, sends these questions to candidates, candidates record 1 video for each question and then sends these videos back to the recruiter for assessment. The system aims to speed up the pre-screening phase of recruiting at least 10 times.

Experienced HR managers know if the candidate is a good match already during the first 2 minutes but a lot of time is wasted by scheduling, preparing and carrying out first candidate meetings.