Glenn Paquette from Atomic Digital Agency (a web, SEO and development Agency) shares his thoughts about content marketing and how they are outsourcing content creation from ContentFly.

Atomic Digital Agency builds custom Wordpress sites, provides SEO services and builds custom web apps for their clients.

Lessons and thoughts about content marketing

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How do you see content marketing?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can gain lucrative traffic and great SEO benefits to just about any website.

Biggest lesson?

Quality content has scored our own website some great backlinks, added reputation as experts in our field, and even some kudos from clients.

Biggest struggle?

Finding time to write high quality content ourselves or chasing clients for their content.

Using ContentFly to save precious time

ContentFly's platform

What problem are you trying to solve with ContentFly?

As a small agency, we are in a constant need for content - both for clients and our own marketing needs. Our team would rather focus on the technical services we offer instead of spending time finessing content.

With ContentFly, we found a risk-free solution for high-quality content. If there is ever any issue with the writing, the team is quick to provide revisions, and even find a new writer if it's really not a good fit. While this is a rare occurrence, the peace of mind that we're not gambling our money on just one writer or style, adds an incredible amount of value.

What's the biggest benefit of using ContentFly?

Peace of mind that content is taken care of. No more waiting for the time and headspace to write, or for clients to "find the time" to write.

What's your content marketing workflow like?

When we land a new client site, they often do not want to contribute content at all. ContentFly is able to provide some great quality blog posts on their behalf - makes the websites look better without bugging the clients and chasing for content.

When we work on new marketing funnels, ContenFly is used to write the sales copy on the landing pages, and the emails in the campaign. This saves us a lot of time, letting us focus on getting the visuals and automation done and the project completed more quickly.

We're mainly ordering blog posts, email campaigns, landing pages ( 800-1200 words per order) from ContentFly.

What would you recommend for small businesses that are just starting with content marketing?

Start with small blog posts, leverage them to show your expertise. There are a lot of benefits, such as having a new source of traffic to your site, crafting a narrative that creates a demand for your product or services, convincing readers to buy in, or even leveraging the articles to get lucrative guest posting spots and other linking opportunities.

Really the strategies are only limited by your imagination, but content marketing is almost always a great investment.

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