There’s no doubt that we live in an era of technology. Everything we do is influenced by digitalization. We use mobile devices for work or personal activities. We also use computers or television to receive information. With just one click, we can start the electronic devices at home or order food. This phenomenon led to the birth of online businesses.

Irrespective of the type of products you sell, you will need marketing strategies to make yourself known. Even though you sell the best product in the world, you need people to know about you. Thus, you should concentrate your efforts around developing marketing strategies to promote your online business and reach your target audience. However, many online business owners make also plenty of mistakes. Keep reading this article and discover which are five crucial mistakes to avoid while promoting your online business.

1. You fail to determine clear marketing goals and target audience

How would you develop a marketing strategy if you don’t know to whom you are addressing your messages? One of the biggest mistakes that many online business owners do is that they forget to stop over one of the first steps before developing their promotion strategy. Before you start creating and content for your marketing campaign, you should decide who the people who will read your posts are. Knowing who are your target customers will help you create content that answers to their questions and resonates with their interests. You can create a buyer persona and determine which are the most critical pain points that your customers have.

Another practical tip is to create SMART goals. SMART comes from specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and in time. Therefore, when you know exactly what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign, it will be easier to measure the results and take improvement actions. This exercise will help you determine which are your customers’ buying behavior and align the necessary ingredients to create exciting content to attract your clients.

2. Not using credible sources for your content

Content writing is critical if you want to make your business visible online. A good writer will do more than just write some words, without keeping a flow of ideas and intriguing the customer with each phrase. Customers are very pretentious nowadays as they have plenty of alternatives to choose from. Thus, before they buy your product, they will first check more on your activity online. They will check your latest blog posts and see how you write.

If you want to make your target audience trust your brand, you should offer reliable and verified the information. One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners do is that they tend to deliver information without carefully checking the sources before. People are very educated today, and they will immediately identify when someone is trying to trick them with unverified information. Thus, the best thing you can do when you create your marketing plan is to use credible sources only. There are many writing companies that you can collaborate with and develop engaging content for your audience. Professional writers will help you produce correct and update content that your target customers will enjoy reading.

3. Forget to create a fantastic customer experience

One of the most important strategies that differentiate one company from another is its ability to put the customer first and deliver an excellent experience. People are susceptible to how a brand treats them. Their buying decision is highly influenced by how quickly their order is processed and the products delivered. Once something fails during the ordering process, it becomes very easy for your clients to start complaining online. Social media is one of the most common channels that people use to communicate their opinions about a brand. Thus, social media platforms can become your guardian angels or devils.

The best thing that you can do is focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. When you mention that you provide a specific type of service, you should commit to it. For example, if you decide to offer 24/7 customer support and talk about this service online, then you should make sure that you deliver it. Therefore, whenever a customer reaches out, irrespective of the day and hour he approaches you, your employees should be ready to answer them. Any small detail can make a difference in the success of your marketing campaign and overall business performance.

4. Don’t send unwanted emails

A common practice, especially when you are just starting, is to obtain a database of clients and start sending them emails. However, people have changed their tolerance level in the past years. They don’t view their email inbox as an unnecessary and unimportant storage space. On the contrary, people consider it as very important and pay increased attention to how they manage their inbox. Therefore, they are less open to receiving an email that they didn’t sign up for.

When they receive an email from an address that they don’t remember or never heard about, the immediate action is to view it as a spammer. Thus, they press the button “spam” and get rid of your email. Also, they might announce the local authorities about your email and ask for an investigation on the methods you used to obtain their email address. Even though you don’t have an extensive database of clients from the beginning, you should build it gradually instead of using any “unhealthy methods.” Constant activity on social media and your blog can be two methods that can deliver results.

5. Not measuring your marketing results

If you don’t know how well your marketing strategy performed, how would you be able to improve your plan and attract more clients? Another common mistake that many business owners make is that they forget to measure their results after each marketing campaign. Many of them consider that if they put all the effort into attracting clients, then things should run smoothly. However, you cannot know how your strategy works and whether you need to improve something if you don’t measure your results.

The implementation of marketing campaigns without measuring the return on investment is not a wise strategy. You need control over what you want to do, and result measurement is the right tool to do it. You can do it in two ways. You can either have a team that monitors the results and comes with ideas on what you should change to improve your ROI. Another solution would be to use online tools that send you accurate and constant reports on how your campaign is performing.


The most important thing behind your marketing efforts to promote your online business is to stay constant and measure your results. Marketing strategies are not only for big companies. Everyone, irrespective of how small or big their business is, can develop and apply a marketing plan. You should permanently monitor what your competition is doing and learn from their strategies to improve your promotion plan. The best strategy that you can apply is to put customers in the middle of all your marketing efforts. You will see that the result won’t fail to appear.