You've been invited to write for our amazing clients!

Next steps:

Sign Writer Agreement

To write for clients on our platform you'll need to review and sign our Writer Agreement. You will receive this as an email from SignRequest

TLDR of this agreement is:

You will not circulate or distribute information you receive from ContentFly or our clients outside of the platform and will maintain its confidentiality

You will not engage in an independent contract with the client outside of ContentFly

Create Account

After signing the Writer Agreement. You'll receive an email to create a writer account on ContentFly.

This will be the account you use to set up your payment details to receive funds, fill in your profile, and claim/complete client work.

Set Up Payment Account

Using our partner PaymentRails, you'll fill in details on our platform so that you can receive payment every week for work completed.

Claim Test Assignments

Once you've created an account with us, you'll see one paid test assignment that are available to claim.

It is mandatory for you to claim and complete this assignment in order to move on to the next step in our onboarding process.

If you need deadlines adjusted. Let us know!

Claim Real Client Work

After completing the paid test assignments. Our editorial team will give it a review and then notify you when you're ready to log into the platform and freely claim real client work to complete.

A dashboard of available jobs for a content writer containing title and prices