Howard Huang, the Head of Digital Marketing at UpTrade shares their experience with content marketing and how they are ordering SEO content from ContentFly to maximize their resources.

UpTrade is simplifying the selling process for used smartphones.

Lessons and thoughts about content marketing

How do you see content marketing?

Content marketing is essential in building a business and extremely difficult to scale and get right.

Biggest struggle?

Getting the right quality SEO writing that gets traffic.

Using ContentFly to scale resources

ContentFly platform with content marketing add-ons

What problem are you trying to solve with ContentFly?

Quality written content at scale.

What's the biggest benefit of using ContentFly?

When you have no dedicated writing staff, ContentFly is the best option.

What's your content marketing workflow like?

Identify good SEO keyword topics and write content around them. ContentFly allows us to cover these topics quickly.

I'm mostly ordering blog content ranging between 500-2000 words in length.

What would you recommend for small businesses that are just starting with content marketing?

Identify your key content pillars, then use ContentFly to do the execution.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." Elon Musk