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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your free trial work?

We have a 4000-word money back guarantee - if you cancel within 30 days and before you've requested more than 4000 words, you will receive a full refund.

How are your prices so low?

Contentfly has a community of elite, highly-vetted freelance writers who cover over a dozen different industries. In exchange for consistent work, our writers work for rates lower than your average industry freelancers – we bring those cost savings to you.

In addition to that, we've built a set of internal tools that use machine learning to supplement our writers - much of the editing, researching & vetting process is automated. That's a big part of why we can offer quality at such a low rate.

We use smart economies of scale and a true free market to bring value to both sides. Our writers, on average, make 20% more than they normally do on other platforms (like Upwork).

What if I dont like my article?

We offer free revisions that don't count against your word count for the month, as well as a money back guarantee.

How does it work?

After signing up, you'll have a dashboard, where you can:

  1. Submit content requests, whenever you want & whatever type (blog post, landing page copy, ebook, email template, etc.)
  2. Specify requirements, word counts & any research
  3. Our algorithm finds the best writer from our pool to perform the job
  4. Once completed, the article is automatically emailed to you for feedback & revisions

Do you do the research? What about images?

Yes! We do preliminary research on all content and include sources to any facts or statistics we quote. We also provide royalty free image sourcing for your content and with certain requests if it requires research diagrams etc. we’ll be sure to include the original source.

How many pieces of content will I get per month? How long does each article take?

As many as you want! You have a certain quota included in your subscription, anything over that in a given month will be charged at 12 cents per word. Content writing generally takes about 3 to 5 business days per 1000 words, but it depends on the type of project.

Can I cancel any time? Is there a contract?

You can cancel any time, and there is no minimum contract - it's a month-to-month subscription.

Where can I see sample work?

Because we're a fully ghostwritten article writing service, we cannot legally share work we've written for our customers. However, you can check out our blog which is fully written on the Contentfly platform.

But wait, there's more!

We built Contentfly for ourselves. Now we’re sharing the love.

SEO Optimized

Where applicable, every bit of content created for you has been rigorously optimized to play nice with search engines. Rest easy, Google.

Industry Coverage

Whatever industry, niche, topic or content type you’re looking for - our vetted writer network of hundreds has specialists to cover you.

100% Frictionless

Just sign up and request content when you need it. No writer sourcing, no dealing with payments, no haggling for revisions - just tell ContentFly what you need.

Guaranteed Turnaround

ContentFly flexes writers based on your needs. Regardless of how much content you need, or when you need it, you’ll receive quality work on-time & on-point.

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