Hiring freelance writers for blog writing.

3 benefits of using freelance writers

  • Grow search traffic
  • Save time
  • Increase content output

With over 51% of website traffic being driven by organic search, search engine optimization is the name of the marketing game. And when you also consider the fact that you’ll get results without having to pay for them (as is the case with pay per click advertising), it becomes clear that investing in SEO means investing in the future of your business.

According to recent research, the ideal blog post should be between 2,250 and 2,500 words. Writing long blog posts takes a ton of time - from research to actual writing and you've got enough on your plate already.

Blog posts are the cornerstone of content marketing strategies. They educate, engage, and ultimately, they convert. At the same time, they’re cost-effective, when written properly. They bring in a lot of leads, and help your business establish expertise.

ContentFly platform overview

It's a platform that uses top pre-vetted freelance writers from North-America and takes advantage of machine learning to automate their processes and to assign the best writer to each requested assignment. ContentFly has built a set of internal tools that use machine learning to supplement the writers - much of the editing, researching & vetting process is automated. That's a big part of why the platform can offer quality content at such a low rate.

Pricing info & FAQ

How to hire writers via ContentFly?

The process of ordering content from ContentFly’s pre-vetted writers happens in five steps:

1. Submit your first content request in less than 30 seconds. You’ll submit a creative brief describing what kind of article you need, your topic, target audience, style, and all the specifics that guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result.

2. You can request any kind of content. We have writers that cover a variety of content types; from blog posts to white papers, sales copy and email. Due to our expansive network of freelance writers, we’re able to accommodate every content need that comes our way. You can take a look at some of the samples on our blog.

3. Articles are SEO-optimized and well-researched. ContentFly writers pay special attention to SEO to improve your search engine visibility. Additionally, you won’t get thin and fluffy content; our writers do their research well.

4. Our algorithm matches your request with the best writer for the job. We use machine learning technology to find the best writer for your content.

5. Quick delivery. You can expect your content in 5-7 business days. Everything is completely automated, so you don’t have to interview or manage freelancers. It’s a great way to outsource blog writing without having to worry about quality or communication.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about bylines. ContentFly writers work on a ghostwriting basis. When you receive your content, it’s completely yours and you have all the rights to it. Most blog writers for hire have additional charges for revisions. With ContentFly, you get unlimited revisions so if you’re not happy, we’ll revise the article – free of charge.

3 benefits of hiring writers via Contentfly

3 great reasons
to use ContentFly

73% of ContentFly customers signed up because it got too time-consuming to find and manage freelance writers.

ContentFly is the first SaaS product that lets marketers automate the content outsourcing process. Instead of finding and interviewing freelance writers, you just sign up for the monthly subscription ($250/month gets you 4000 words that can be divided into several content pieces) and submit your content orders through a dashboard. Ordering content takes only a few minutes and a 1000-word article gets delivered through the dashboard and email in 5 business days.

  • No writer management needed
  • Algorithm hires the best writer for any job
  • Simple pricing and free revisions
flat monthly fee contentfly hiring freelance writers
Contentfly subscription has 4000 words included

Pricing info

Our basic subscription plan is $250/month, and it includes:

  • 4000 words/month
  • Original research
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Royalty-free images
  • 14-day money back guarantee

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Article samples from our best writers

Because we're a fully ghostwritten article writing service, we cannot legally share work we've written for our customers. However, you can check out our blog which is fully written on the ContentFly platform.

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