Sit down. You're not going to like this.

SEO is worthless.

Yep. It's true. Not a popular position. But think about it. What good are a few carefully chosen words repeated a certain number of times on a glowing screen?

No value.

Okay, that's not totally true. You might show up on Google and even get some traffic to your website. But when all they see are keywords and phrases, what then? Nothing profitable.

Your potential client or customer will meander over someone else's page that isn't running professional bait-n-switch campaigns.

Don't get me wrong. SEO is important. Very important.

But it's not enough. It doesn't work alone. Optimized keywords are useless to your small business when your content sucks.

Who cares if you show up in Google results and get 1000 visitors to your website every hour? If your content marketing doesn't deliver value, you might as well hang a sign on your website that says: Keep Your Money!

People want substance.

They need to know you have something important to offer. That's how you build trust and put money in your bank.

Have bad content and potential clients will go to small businesses with a content marketing strategy that's better. But that's not all. Your traffic's going to die too. Google will figure you out. They have algorithms for that. And you'll have nothing.

But crickets.

However, you can't build your business on good content alone. There's a lifetime partnership needed.

If your content rocks the socks off the world, but your SEO stinks (or is non-existent), you're still sunk. All your time's wasted. That hard work creating compelling content was for nothing.


Because no-one's ever going to read it. If you can't get your article before the eyeballs of potential clients, they'll never know it exists, that you exist. You're like a ghost in the cemetery or a stud in the wall. You might be there, but no-one knows or cares.

You're invisible.

The solution is obvious.

Or at least it should be. You need both. It's a marriage. A union.

You want to be one of the small businesses with a content marketing strategy that works. That means you've got to have excellent search optimization and quality content.

You can't have pancakes without syrup, rum without coke, movies without popcorn. Some things just can't be split up or separated.

(Okay, maybe you could have some rum without coke - Aruba, Summer 2016 whatuuup)

But when it comes to business content marketing, you can't give preference to one or the other. It'll kill your business, destroy your bottom line, and make your friends laugh at you.

Don't make a terrible business blunder.

Write strong content and optimize it to be a Google magnet. You'll rank higher in search results, people will love what you offer, and your friends will invite you to their barbecue.

That's a win-win.

And if you don't have the ability to write good content or optimize for search engines, hire a professional. It's better than sending your website to the graveyard.

How to outsource your SEO

We're biased because we're a company that makes money on people outsourcing their content. So yes, if you follow our instructions we can make money and feed our kids.

(And definitely not drive lambos)

But you know what, that doesn't mean we're wrong. If you want SEO to actually be useful (and game search engines, because really that's what we're doing), you need to outsource.

Why? Because that scales.

Do you know how much content and experimentation you need to do to start ranking? Hint: a metric crap ton.

We blog once or twice a day. For dozens of different keywords. It's a deliberate effort to hack SEO - while still attempting to provide value. That's really hard to do yourself - and you're going to ruin your in-house writers life.

Believe me, nobody wants their full-time job to spit out short articles of the same topics every. single. day. Your quality and substance will collapse.

Outsource? You'll keep your quality levels up. So DO IT - use something like ContentFly or one of our competitors, it doesn't matter.

It's 2018. If you're not outsourcing your SEO writing you're going to collapse. There are 10 billion blog posts being posted per day (that fact is definitely not inaccurate) - how in hell do you expect to compete with your 1 feel-good fluff piece per week?

That's it. You're welcome.

(We decided recently we're going to stop writing shitty clickbait content. Instead, if you liked this article and sign up for ContentFly, let us know we'll give you a $100 discount.)