Today, I'm going to talk to you about how writing quality blog content can turn you into a purple horse with a horn sticking out of your face. As it turns out, ContentFly's target demographic is people who want to turn themselves into mythical horse rhinoceroses.


Sorry, our CMO Annika is telling me this is an article about how businesses can use quality blog content to become unicorns. Apparently "unicorn" is the startup term for "billion dollar company" because we aren't caked in enough layers of abstraction already.

Alrighty then. Let's dig into why writing quality blog content is basically guaranteed to make you a a 22222222.2222*45 dollar valuation company.

How many billion dollar companies with crappy blog content do you know?

Let's face it: Microsoft, Google, Amazon & Facebook don't have crappy blog content. If my 4th grade math class has taught me anything, it's that that means they all have quality blog content.

Do you think it's a coincidence that all of the greatest companies in the world have quality blog content? Because I don't.

In fact, I'd wager there's a 100% correlation between quality blog content and billions and billions of dollars. What other factor can you possibly find that ties all of the best companies together?

Being evil and selling their customer data to Russian movie villains?


It's literally free money

You know what happens when you buy a Google ad? You pay money, and then hopefully get a bit more money back shortly after. It doesn't always work that way though, and in the long-term you eventually reach break even.

It's not great for another buzzword we love in the startup world - scale.

You know what happens when you write a great blog post that starts ranking on Google? You basically get free traffic forever. How ridiculous is that?

Imagine a massive billboard popped up in town, and whoever grabbed it first gets to keep it forever. How insane is that?

Yes, that's literally how SEO works. Once you plant your flag, as long as you aren't a complete idiot, YOU WILL GET FREE TRAFFIC FOREVER.

Free. Traffic. Forever.

How Google didn't see the ridiculous internet monopolies that SEO was going to create I have no idea, but the fact is you can take advantage. There are only 2 marketing channels that scale: referral and SEO.

And again, if you want to be the next big AI-blockchain VR crowdsourced unicorn of the Valley, you need to scale.

(Or raise $41 million dollars without a prototype and proceed to do nothing. I'm not bitter.)

It shows you aren't full of crap

You don't have to be a content creation startup like ContentFly to use blogs to demonstrated domain authority. The hardest thing in convincing a customer to try out your business is that you're the absolute best in the industry.

A blog basically gives you a chance to flex. Buffer is genius at this - their open blog is all about transparency and open cultures and subtly bragging about how god damned well they're doing.

Your blog is an opportunity to show the personality behind your brand and build domain authority, and no unicorn ever becomes a unicorn without domain authority.

Ever seen Zapier's Blog? How do you think they became the one-stop shop for all integrations? Literally any question you possibly have about using any tool, and there's probably a Zapier page explaining it.

Yes, it's hard, and takes a long time, and requires a metric crap-ton of content to get there, but it's necessary.

In Conclusion

Alright, I was being cheeky because I find sarcasm and silly jokes makes a blog a day more bearable. But really, you need great content if you want to build a gigantic business nowadays.

What makes businesses grow is taking a product and finding a marketplace big enough to sell it in. Now if you're going to sell our fish in a market of 500 people, you can't expect more than 500 people to buy it, right?

Similarly, if you're selling your product on Google ads, you're restricted by the pool of people in that particular keyword. Not only that you're having to pay for admission to the fish market.

The total addressable market for content is infinite. It's the one thing that ties every single possible online consumer together (unless your target demographic is people who never use Google or read articles).

Every major company dominates SEO, and the best way to get there is writing blog content that doesn't suck. When people read, they share, and when they share, you go to the top of Google and, to repeat myself for the 17th time, GET FREE MONEY.

It's just that simple.