ContentFly is a blog writing service. One of the toughest parts of blog writing services, is the fact that we need customers so we can have money to do stuff like buy food.

But you wouldn't understand.

The point is, we need to find a way to be hip to the kids so we can continue getting people to use our product, so we can do things like feed our kids (and definitely not buy a Tesla).

As such, our brilliant marketer Annika went head first into a world of research and keyword to figure out the two most trending keywords we should target. One was "blog writing services" the other was "Jennifer Lawrence"

I'm too afraid to question her tactics publicly (or even privately) so here I am, loyal to a fault, writing an article about why blog writing services are sexier than Jennifer Lawrence.

Oh how proud my parents must be.

  1. You won't disappoint a blog writing service

What's sexier than having low expectations? The answer is nothing, that's what.

The fact is, blog writing services like ContentFly work on your terms. You can yell at it, claim it's gained weight of the winter and ask for practically anything from it, and it'll deliver. Not only that, when you inevitably take the content produced by a blog writing service and publish it to your grand following of 3 and a half people, your blog writing service (remember: ContentFly) won't be dissappointed.

Meanwhile in J-Law land, do you remember she once got fun and freaky in space with this guy?

Is it normal to be envious of a fish?

So tell me, did you manage to marry Aubrey Plaza while saving half the galaxy from Thanos? Or is Jennifer Lawrence really going to find your Firefly collectibles set just that charming?


2. Blog writing services come in many shapes and sizes

ContentFly is only one example - there are so many competitors we haven't had a good nights sleep in years! If our wonderful pricing and incredible quality aren't your thing, there's any number of bad alternatives.

Attractiveness is subjective after all!

Now if you want to vary your options and get a bit of everything, blog writing services will give you that. There are so many terrible ones out there, you'll have no shortage of variety to complain about the next day.

Consider how much better that is than Jennifer Lawrence. She is one human that doesn't have magical shapeshifting abilities (waitaminute). You're pretty much stuck, for the rest of your life, with a blonde, beautiful, hyper-talented woman.

Are you really comfortable going the rest of your life without having fun with an Indian content mill?

3. Jennifer Lawrence can't write clickbait headlines

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress. You know what she is not? A generic content writer.

We all know that writing is one of the sexiest things in the world - that's why unemployed journalists sit at the top of the dating ladder. Blog writing services will routinely get you incredible clickbait articles that grow your website traffic.

You know who can't do that? Jennifer Lawrence.

Now I'm no mathematician, but the logic here seems clear to be. Jennifer Lawrence is NOT a generic content writer. Writing is sexy. Therefore, blog writing services 3, Jeniffer Lawrence 0.

4. This is the dumbest article I've ever written

Alright, I was going to keep going on with this charade, but screw you Annika, I give up. I'm a grown adult with bills to pay, I refuse to compromise my dignity by writing this. Good lord, I didn't go through 4 years of Engineering and 731 packs of instant noodles to do this.

If you've stumbled onto this article, it's because you either searched "Jennifer Lawrence", or you searched "blog writing service". That means you're either a 16 year old girl, a suspicious old man, or someone who desperately wants to outsource their content creation.

Blog writing agencies can be a nice stepping stone, but ultimately it's the same issues as with a freelance writer. That's why you should get onto a service that's on-demand... and that's what we've built at ContentFly.

ContentFly lets you:

1) Request content, whenever you need it, and get it back within a couple of days

2) Rely on an algorithm to find the best writer for the job, rather than scanning through writers trying to find someone half decent

3) Get unlimited revisions/rewrites to get to where you need it to be

4) Scale up or down depending on what you need

You can get an article a day for about $1000 a month on ContentFly. To get the same throughput from a freelancer or, god forbid, an employed writer, you'd be paying 4-5x that. Not only that, a single writer is going to suffer in quality if they're writing the same things every single day - boredom is a thing.

On ContentFly, you distribute the work, so you're getting every top writers best effort every single time out. Rather than having a single writer, you essentially get a team of top tier writers taking turns for your blog.

Now that is sexier than Jennifer Lawrence.

Oh god.