When it comes to SEO, that is, ranking high on search engines, link building is one of the essential practices, and it needs a proper approach. Looking at the largest giant among them which is Google, it is a well-known fact that it highly appreciates websites that come with a wide variety of high-quality relevant pages that are linked to them. Furthermore, proper backlinking is closely monitored by Google’s Penguin algorithm. If you fail to do it properly (or, in other words, if your links aren’t organic), there is a chance that you might get penalized.

The right way to do this is to get top-notch backlinks from websites, social profiles, and blogs organically because they think that your content is awesome and valuable because it covers a topic that is relevant to them. That way they will link back to you in order to give you credit. And as you keep on improving your content marketing and management strategies, more links will follow, and you will start being seen as an authority in your niche.

Still, all this probably sounds a bit too vague to you. Therefore, in this article, we are going to cover 5 wondrous ways that you can create content which is going to attract backlinks.

Implement infographics that people can share

You must never forget the fact that people are visual beings. Therefore, using visual forms of media is bound to make your message a lot more distinct, and significantly increase not only the click-through rate for your campaigns but also generate a lot of backlinks. Just take into consideration the fact that a tweet that uses an eye-catching image works out significantly better than the one without it

As for infographics, they are an amazingly practical combination of imagery and useful facts. They are visually distinct while also offering various statistics that back up particular opinions or arguments. Furthermore, they make information a lot easier to absorb and remember. So, having great infographics and making them shareable is a great way for people to link to provide you with the backlinks that you need. You can use a free tool for creating infographics, or go all the way and hire a designer to come up with something that is really going to stand out.

Compose white papers

Producing white papers and providing them to the target audience that really needs them is another great approach. People really appreciate having access to well-researched documents that can help them learn more about a particular aspect of your industry. Of course, considering that white papers are considered to be authoritative documents, you need to use top-notch sources for extensive research.

Again, you want to become an authority in your niche, so what better way than to provide high-quality content that not only shows off your expertise on the matter but also provides insight, quite often into a subject that hasn’t really been covered as much yet.

Provide educational content

Taking a step further in terms of educating people on relevant subjects, various experts, such as those at Orion Creative, suggest providing webinars, crash courses, or how-to-programs. Basically, you will make your brand shine via being placed in an educational environment. The idea is to be a guide to the members of the community and/or your industry, teaching them all they need to know about what the best business methods are and how they can be achieved. This is another form of relevant and valuable content that is bound to bring you backlinks.

Build relationships via blogs

If you run a blog on your website, you should work on building relationships with authority bloggers within your industry. This is a great way of generating organic backlinks. Basically, what you need to do is spend time with them on their blogs, as well as on their social media channels. Leave comments on what they post and thank them for sharing valuable pieces of advice.

You should also go further and thank them in a more personal manner, such as writing them an email. Cut things short and formally express your gratitude for posting something that has helped you with a particular issue. End the email by saying that you are looking forward to reading more posts like that.

Once they have noticed you, you might be able to build a relationship with them, which is going to result in a valuable exchange of links.

Offer a free tool

This is something that, of course, depends on what industry you are in and your own resources and abilities. However, offering free tools to your users is one of the best ways to get a lot of top-notch backlinks, as well as a number of other perks that you can gain in this situation. There is a great number of businesses out there which are already making the best out of this approach.

Looking at the world today, one can say that there is a free tool that can solve almost every issue that people come across. Therefore, do your research on how you can truly be of help to your audience, and then come up with a tool that can do just that for free.

Final words

All in all, you have to keep in mind that an organic and ethical way of attracting backlinks is the only way to go. While this has been a rule in the past, the only difference today is that it is a lot more enforced by search engine algorithms.

Your goal is to offer valuable content, and this is the main factor that will determine your search engine ranking. Just keep providing your audience with what is relevant and valuable, and the number of organic backlinks that you get is only going to grow in time.