We've written extensively in the past about why startups should be outsourcing everything.

The next logical question is: well, where do you actually go to outsource your content?

You've always got the option of trying to track down a freelancer yourself through Upwork and delegate the work, but it's an incredibly time consuming and expensive process. Instead, a professional blogging service that pre-vets it's writers and offers good refund policies is a much better option for startups.

Here are the Top 3 Professional Blogging Services for Startups to consider. Let's get to it. 🎉

  1. ContentFly

    I know what you're thinking. "Gee - how subtle guys."

    Look, we built ContentFly to accommodate just that. Our founding team were marketers and product people from companies like Toggl, Zapier & Instacart - they understood first hand the trials and tribulation of content creation at startups.

    ContentFly is the world's only blind, on-demand content marketplace. It functions a bit like Uber - you just sign up, and request content. There's no looking for writers, interviewing them, managing them, etc - the ContentFly algorithm (and team) takes care of everything.

    ContentFly has a nifty algorithm that finds the perfect writer for any job you request. In other words, rather than getting a random writer, the algorithm digs through thousands of writers on the network to find the best one for the job. You also get unlimited revisions & rewrites, so in the off chance the writer doesn't nail it on the first try, you can get it rewritten or even reassigned to a new writer.

    It also comes in at the lowest price point, since writers offer huge discounts to be a part of the ContentFly network in exchange for great, regular work - starting at $250 for 4000 words per month. Words over that cost 7c/word - less than half the market rate for the quality, thanks to the wonderful world of "economies of scale".
  2. Articoolo

    Built in Israel, Articoolo claims to be the world's first AI content marketing agency. You enter any topic or keyword, and Articoolo's nifty artificial intelligence will create an entire blog post of 300-500 words - we've tested it a few times, and it's pretty solid!

    Do note though: AI writers are trained on existing content, so a lot of the words it produces have been taken from other articles. It's wise to do a plagiarism check and use Articoolo articles more as a canvas, rather than the final deliverable. It's incredibly cheap, so you can generate a basic article and then work your magic - or even send it to one of the other services on this list to rework it a little bit.

    Articoolo pricing starts at $29 for 30 articles per month.
  3. Constant Content

    If you're really impatient, and don't want to wait, a 3rd option that's ideal for the price and time sensitive customer is pre-written articles. Constant Content (a budget content mill) has a section where you can buy pre-written articles. If you're not particularly picky about quality, or even topic, but simply wnat ot fill out your blog to boost your SEO, this is a great option.

    Constant Content offers blog posts spanning over a dozen different categories. The blog posts are typically quite simple and generic, but are great if you've got a few keywords you need to hit in certain topics and just want to roll out some fluff to stuff the search engines.

    Be warned though - the article quality is very low, and isn't a recommended option for companies that actually want value-driven content:

Buying pre-written articles can be great in a pinch, but aren't recommended for most companies. We talk about it a lot on this blog - to make content marketing work, you need to focus on value. A service that generates high quality content to your specifications is a much better option to scale with than crappy pre-written ones.

The name of the game for companies that want to compete in the future is automation. Gone are the days where companies hire dedicated writing agencies, slowly lug out content and fly blindly. If you're a young company, you can't dedicate thousands of dollars a month for content (nor the time required to hire a good content creator).

And yet, you need content.

The more you outsource and automate the quicker you can move - rather than spending months and hundreds of dollars tracking down the perfect writer, invest in a blog-writing service. You don't have to use ours (even though we've shamelessly marketed ourselves) - just use something.

It's just good business sense.