Fresh blog content is the crux of any successful online marketing initiative.

Consistent, quality blog posts help a business create inbound links back to its website. High-quality backlinks, from an assortment of sources, garner higher SEO rankings for websites.

As a result, companies who blog regularly receive 97% more links to their website than those that don’t—leading to a massive increase in web traffic.

For startups with a team of 10 or less, resources are usually spread too thin to produce the required quantity and quality of fresh online content. Hiring an in-house copywriter is too time-consuming and an ad agency would chew up any reasonable budget.

Fortunately, several online content creation outsourcers have sprung up over the past few years, making marketing efforts more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Below, are three top choices to choose from:


ContentFly truly fits the content marketing mold for any startup business with 10 or fewer employees.

At $250/month, clients get 4000 words of content along with unlimited images and revisions. The talent pool is deep and proven because the content creators must hold up to a strict rating system. Only by maintaining a high standard will these writers remain in the ContentFly network.

Writers are also designated into areas of expertise, so businesses are aligned with talented individuals that possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of their given industry.

ContentFly uses pre-vetted writers and requires no management. 


  • Affordable (6c per word)
  • Proven highly-rated writers
  • Industry-specific writers
  • Free revisions
  • Research included
  • Images included
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Money-back guarantee if a customer isn’t satisfied
  • All writers are native speakers


  • Still in its infancy and has yet to reach its full potential

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee has a team of 15 professional writers, proofreaders, and editors with 150 years of combined experience in industries such as fashion, real estate, and lifestyle.

With such a streamlined outfit, the vetting process is certainly thorough, ensuring top-notch writers. Conversely, this would mean the team is over-extended and might take longer to deliver.

Plus, the prices start at $995/month so it may be a better fit for medium to large-scale companies with bigger budgets. And content creation is only one segment of Virtual Employee’s business model. They outsource many other services such as IT, graphic design, and data entry. So, writing isn’t necessarily their number one focus.


  • Streamlined team with lots of experience (average of 10 years each)
  • A diverse range of industry expertise


  • Expensive (starting at $995/month)
  • Smaller, over-extended talent pool means longer turnaround times
  • Content writing isn’t #1 focus


As one of the more mainstream freelancing outsourcers, Fiverr has been a common choice of companies with limited budgets looking for fresh content.

Fiverr’s talent pool is absolutely massive (in the tens of thousands) but not particularly well-vetted. One should always have doubts about somebody only charging $7 for a 500 to 600-word blog.

Startups, in particular, need to be careful with their web content. Even with a full revamp, first impressions of badly written copy are hard to shake for potential leads and clients.

That’s not to say Fiverr hasn’t provided plenty of businesses with decent work—otherwise, they wouldn’t still be around. It might just take several attempts for a business to find the right writer for its specific needs.


  • Very affordable
  • An immensely large writer pool


  • Poor writer vetting process (no interviews or scanning)
  • Ultra-low pricing means no guarantee of quality work
  • A large contingent of the writers aren’t native speakers
  • No refund guarantee if work isn’t up to standards
  • Finding the right writer can be time-consuming


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