Highly vetted freelance bloggers, smart rating system and quick delivery makes ContentFly the "Uber" of content outsourcing. If you are not outsourcing your blog content creation in 2019, you are missing out!

Hire a blogger!

Why hire bloggers through ContentFly?

ContentFly is using special algorithms to pick the best freelance blogger to write your article and this means crazy quick delivery for a cheap price. You pay only $250 per month for 4000 words.

1. Give your requirements

Order your first blog post by telling us what you would like to have. How many words, general tone of the article, link to an example post that you like and what you need mentioned in there and we'll take it from there.

2. Receive article in a few days

You will get the fully researched article along with royalty-free photos a few days after submitting the brief. If there is something you don't like, you can request as many revisions as you need - but usually this is not necessary.

3. Publish content on your blog

Now you own that brand new content and can publish it on your blog for your followers to enjoy. Easy-breezy!

Pricing: only $313/ month for 4000 words

Here's what you get with ContentFly monthly subscription:

  • 4000 words included
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Research included
  • Royalty-free images
  • Extra words 7c/word

How can we offer such low prices for content outsourcing?

ContentFly has a community of elite, highly-vetted writers who cover over a dozen different industries. In exchange for consistent work, our writers work for rates far lower than your average Industry Freelancers – we bring those cost savings to you.

In addition to that, we've built a set of internal tools that use machine learning to supplement our writers - much of the editing, researching & vetting process is automated. That's a big part of why we can offer quality at such a low rate.

We use smart economies of scale and a true free market to bring value to both sides. Our writers, on average, make 20% more than they normally do on other platforms (like Upwork).

How quickly do we deliver the original content?

Content generally takes about 36 hours per 1000 words, but it depends on the type of project.

How to order blog posts and other content from ContentFly?

After signing up, you'll have a dashboard, where you can:

  • Submit content requests, whenever you want & whatever type (blog post, landing page copy, ebook, email template, etc.)
  • Specify requirements, word counts & any research
  • Our algorithm finds the best writer from our pool to perform the job
  • Once completed, the article is automatically emailed to you for feedback & revisions

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