Thanks to modern marketing, it’s now possible to sell a horse at a massive loss.

We'll show you how:

How To Sell A Horse Like A Startup - ContentFly

Marketing is tough, but content marketing is tougher still.

You've got to spend a lot of time studying your audience, setting up goals, creating a strategy and planning the content - all that before writing a single word. When you finally get to actually creating content you'll find that the hard part is still to come.

Content takes time. Like, a lot of time.

Oh, and that assumes you're a semi-decent expert in the subject matter - and as marketers, we mostly just know about marketing. Imagine having to write 1,500 words on how to sell a horse for equestrians.

You had to google what "equestrian" is, didn't you?

Outsourcing at least some of the work is a good way to solve that problem but even then you'll spend hours scouring Upwork trying to find the perfect fit. And if you find them then you'll still have to do a fair bit of contract management.

It's a drag.

What is ContentFly?

In short - an AI-driven marketplace for writers that takes the mixing, matching and managing out of the content creation process.

All you need to do is fill a brief form and sit back while the machines do the beep-boop. We'll find the writer and you'll get your content a few days later.

Instead of individual contracts we have word count based plans that you can quickly scale up or down as needed.

Who we are

Engineers, founders, marketers - the standard startup lot. What we all have in common is we've all worked in marketing in companies big and small, in agencies or as freelancers.

Another thing we have in common is we've all struggled with content creation. Especially so when working with multiple clients. On one hand it's fun jumping from one project to another and learning about new partners, but once you get to the tactics, the work piles up fast.

ContentFly was born out of a very real need for a place where you can connect with writers who know their stuff. But we also wanted a tool that does that automates that process as much as possible.

The beauty of having machines take care of the dirty work is that it benefits both the users and the writers. If you've ever freelanced with writing or other creative work you'll know how much of a pain it is to find clients to work with. There's a ton of back and forth and in the end you might not even get the job. An AI-marketplace lets you instead focus on writing and get the gigs you're actually interested in.

Our community of writers and users has grown a lot in the past half year, but we're very much in the beginning of the journey. We recently landed a series A led by Khosla to join the worlds of content and AI.

AI is no Shakespeare (we've tried, it's mostly good for generating disturbing surrealist prose). It's very good, however, at handling a lot of data. Can you imagine a future where you push a button and the AI hands you a brief, the research and the sources and all you have to do is put it together? That future is actually a lot closer than you think.