For small businesses, organic creation of content can be difficult and time consuming.
It is possible for businesses to buy content for their websites.

Option 1 - Scripted

One example of content, where businesses are able to buy quality work is Scripted.
Scripted runs a vigorous process for its’ writers, offering a number of content to purchase.


  • Sign up to a free, 1 month trial membership
  • Place an order with chosen content
  • Await the first draft
  • Confirm any revisions

Scripted drafts can take five business days, with a maximum of seven days before the content is live


  • Free 1 month membership
  • Can communicate directly with writers
  • Ideas can be pitched FROM writers


  • Membership ranges from $149 to $1299 monthly
  • Once a writer is approved, they remain in the network
  • For the monthly option of unlimited words, this will cost $1299 a month.

Pricing: Scripted charges a premium price for articles that are not quality-moderated post access.

A free monthly trial is accessible, however after one month – a monthly membership fee of $149 is billed – which covers 10,000 words (content costs are not included in plans - these will be charged as extra). Unlimited words will cost $1299.

Many small businesses do not have expendable funds upon start-up, which Scripted may price them out of. However, there is an alternative.

Option 2 - Contentfly

Contentfly charges a flat monthly rate, accessing large pool of writers – quality is of the highest importance. A 30-day risk-free trial is offered.


  • Sign up and post your first content brief through a robust dashboard.
  • The Contentfly algorithm will connect the brief and the best writer for the job.
  • The first draft can take 36 hours for a writer to submit. Afterwards, unlimited revisions are given.


  • Contentfly is cheaper than Scripted – which gives businesses a lot of options to focus their spending into other channels.
  • Purely a ghostwriting service, giving the credit to the business.
  • Contentfly offers a minimum of 36 hours for content to be pitched, delivered and live (within weekdays).
  • Quality Control. Writers must meet a minimum of 4 stars overall score. With well-researched articles, businesses can be certain that Contentfly is the best they can use to buy unique articles online.


  • One of the few weaknesses Contentfly has is the lack of contact between business and writer. However, multiple revisions can be requested by a business, and as the service is completely for ghostwriting – minimal contact is normal.

Pricing: Made for all budgets – and is a very affordable option to buy content for websites.

A flat rate of $250 a month – with access to a highly skilled writer pool, royalty-free images, and up to 4,000 words of content.

Option 3 - hiring freelancer writers directly


  • Contact made through platforms – job sites, forums, social media platforms
  • Idea pitched to writer for content
  • Proposed pricing option set
  • Content submitted/revised if necessary

Due to the varying number of channels in which contact can be made – the process can vary, however the skeleton remains the same.


  • Direct contact with writers
  • Content is tailored exactly to the needs of the business
  • Pricing can be negotiated and work ongoing


  • Quality in work may be eccentric
  • Rights to all works is solely that of the writer
  • Pricing will vary based on experience/specializations

Pricing: Freelance writer rates can vary – Charging 25c per word, where some will work with packages and/or a higher word rate.

It is important, in this sense – for businesses to do their research to find a freelancer who can fit their budget.