Matt Cooper, the marketing manager of Desygner shares his views on content marketing and how they use ContentFly to drive more traffic to their website by scaling their resources.

Desygner is an online visual content creation tool that is accessible across all media and devices.

Lessons and thoughts about content marketing

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How do you see content marketing?

Without content marketing we are missing a massive opportunity to grow an audience, community or product. We need to educate to empower people and content marketing does this in a way that advertising does not.

Biggest lesson?

The quality of the content needs to be spot on and of value to the end user. If it does not deliver value it will be ignored.

Biggest struggle?

Producing the volume and quality of content that will be effective.

Using ContentFly to save precious time

ContentFly Platform

What problem are you trying to solve with ContentFly?

We needed to scale our content creation without expanding our in-house resources in the short term.

What's the biggest benefit of using ContentFly?

The ability to scale our resources and be confident in the quality of the finished product.

What's your content marketing workflow like?

  • Identify a problem our customer is having.
  • Brainstorm solutions and document valuable opportunities.
  • Build a brief for an informative article to be written by ContentFly.
  • Publish and re-purpose the content throughout the channels available.

What would you recommend for small businesses that are just starting with content marketing?

Identify your audience. Work on what value you can add and then produce content to educate & empower.

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation." Dean Kamen