If you run any kind of online business - everything from a small eCommerce store, to a massive SaaS platform - you probably use content marketing. If you don't, skip this blog post and go and do what you should be doing - content marketing.

(Seriously, it's 2019, come on now - how can you scale an online business without content?)

So, I'm assuming you've done the reasonable thing and have a blog and some social profiles chugging along - hell, you might even have a YouTube account. (Don't knock it - videos convert at something like 2.3x written copy)

So now the question is, how do you 10x your traffic if you're already blogging?

Slow & steady: the blogger's dilemma

The challenge with content writing/marketing is that it's a slow game - you typically need to blog for months on end, and write hundreds of posts, before seeing any meaningful traffic gains.

Why? Each article gives you a tiny morsel of traffic usually, at best. Your goal is to get tons of these tiny traffic generating sources stacked on top of each other to create a true content engine.

That's your goal, anyway.

What happens in reality is that this strategy doesn't scale all by itself. At a certain point, to continue growing, you'll need a lot of content. Your post-a-day cadence will only take you so far.

For example, the most successful ContentFly customers produce content an average of 3.2 times per day.

Short of hiring an entire content team (which is insanely expensive and infeasible, especially as a smaller business), how the heck do you scale that process?

Enter: Outsourcing

Article outsourcing services like ContentFly enable you to spurn out content at higher and higher volumes, as you need it. What this essentially means is, it allows you to produce linearly increasing content.

Here's an example - you start blogging once a day. Over time, your organic traffic will grow, and you'll be able to prescribe an ROI to that traffic.

Normally what happens is that you stall out at a certain level of blogging, until that ROI gets large enough that you can hire a 2nd full-time person.

With outsourcing, this scale up isn't so abrupt - every bit of content profit you generate per month can be sent back into your article outsourcing service to spit out more content.

So while this month you might've blogged 30 times, and produced a profit of $250, you can then reinvest that $250 the next month into an article outsourcing service and produce 34 blog posts.

Rinse and repeat.

So what's the point of hiring people full-time?

That's just it - you shouldn't. Hiring full-time writers is almost always more expensive than hiring using on-demand platforms.

It's sort of like Uber - what's more expensive, hiring a full-time driver, or calling Ubers when you need it?

Unless you're flying a helicopter every 20 minutes, the Uber is probably your best bet. It's the same thing for commodity skills in the freelance market - for writers, you're better off getting your copy done from on-demand sources than full time practitioners.

Who you should hire are content strategists - editors and planners who manage your content calendar. These are the brains behind the growth operation, and the ones you need to get the levels of scale you're intending on.

Indeed, a single content strategist (let's say at a cost of $50k a year), combined with a stacked ContentFly subscription (let's say $15k a year) will get you a blog post a day as well as a strategist to do your content planning, distribution etc.

All for the neat price of $75k.

If you hire a full-time content writer, you'll never get that level of throughput at that value. And of course, the beauty is, you can scale that $15k up as high as you need. Suddenly at $30k you're producing 2 pieces of content per day - that's an enormous amount of traffic generation.

In Conclusion

Article outsourcing services like ContentFly aren't new - they've been around since the late 00's. However, it's only in the last few years that the infrastructure has come up around them to enable you to bely your entire marketing strategy on them.

Indeed, the days of hiring full-time writers is long gone - flex-staff marketing squads are the way of the future, and enable you to scale your growth efforts as far as you need to take em.

Heads up - if you've made it this far, shoot us a message on ContentFly and get 10% off your first month by referencing this post. :-)